On the basis of the need to have eight website optimization

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four: how to know how to optimize the station; the station optimization, including title method, such as the "product key – products – product keyword keyword, the name of the company", this way, our company is in accordance with this amendment, but my advice is to write a sentence, do not repeat not repeat key the key, after all can eliminate noise, and then in the description of which fully write clearly the meaning of title, this is the best description of the.

six: the daily maintenance of website, you should know the importance of daily maintenance, daily updated blog.

three: on the choice of keywords on the site; do it before it is necessary to inspect the site keywords, do the long tail or trunk, trunk and tail respectively how, the mood, the profound principle is of no concern, we must first know do stand is to want to do product key or brand promotion, but generally choose keyword.

to optimize your web site also has a time, learn from Shanghai dragon now do Shanghai Longfeng work has been almost 2 years, the time off really fast, I remember that time in school or buy a book, a good understanding of what is Shanghai dragon, because at that time you know the HTML code and some simple background programs, so some Shanghai Longfeng knowledge is to understand, until now, Shanghai dragon, want to learn good, must be the foundation, but also for Shanghai Longfeng work must be sure of.

two: know the website structure; website structure is done with DIV+CSS, will have a better effect, and whether the level of the structure of the website, I remember seeing in the noble baby administrator in the video, with level description of the user experience or to the se are very helpful, such as www.*****贵族宝贝/ Shanghai / Shanghai dragon dragon Zhilu, to see what this is a level, can also improve the user experience, but on these directories or.Html suffix need some understanding.

five: the knowledge of the links and the site itself; for example, what are the advantages of the site itself, not to mention the lack of time, what are the requirements for the link, how to find a good Links, or let others come to you, when Links to know the PR value, to know the snapshot to know the web site all need to know how to understand, even when using tools to view to understand the recently included proportion.

Shanghai dragon

: how to choose the domain name and space; in the choice of the domain name to consider whether a good mind, but also consider the domain name is punished, if there is a previous record; then is to see what you need to program and space, but this time it is necessary to consider the good, your site planning, what to do if you want to, you can not choose bigger, almost space, at least in the capacity, CPU, IIS, flow and so on to be judged.

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