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love the search results page, to cite a lot of pictures, this let love Shanghai search results become illustrated, it can effectively improve the user experience of love Shanghai. It is the innovation of love Shanghai, means we should pay attention to site optimization, optimization techniques of the picture, let love Shanghai more in favor of your pictures, and then display in the results page, so it is easy to bring traffic to your website.

images and text content have significant differences, how to make love in Shanghai to identify pictures of your content, which included requires the application of more skills, the following analysis of optimization techniques based on specific pictures.

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for the optimization of the website text there are a lot of articles, say very thorough, but because for a long time, love for the effects of pictures or capture Shanghai very weak, optimization is also hard to picture the Shanghai dragon optimization to the attention of the staff, so the optimization techniques for images. Now the discussion is not enough. However, with the love of Shanghai intelligent level, the picture of the grasping ability significant progress, so in this background, research on image optimization techniques is very important.

first, appropriate to the original picture. Don’t stick to others. Many webmaster all know, WeChat in Shanghai, love usually less then grab some Adsense, WeChat began to shift to the contents of PC in the Internet, they became the site of the original content. Some relatively lazy, in copying these contents, is often completely copied, it is easy to cause resentment of the love of Shanghai. Besides some pictures now WeChat has been in the limit is directly copied, users will need to download these pictures, and then uploaded to the website, this time in the upload process, the ALT property can modify the image and the corresponding size, so that it can better display on the page. Such images are often able to receive the love of spiders in Shanghai’s favor.

third, the picture content and around the description of the text to have certain correlation. This is the key to love these pictures in the sea in search results. If the correlation between pictures and text surrounding, then in the results page, can guide users to identify good, especially with intuitive pictures better, so the content >

second, upload pictures, need to write a continuity name to the images, such as the first picture uploaded today, so the name can be named 15112501pic, second 15112502pic, six digital front represents 15 years in November 25th, and the last two numbers are the number. Of course, if a programming capability of webmaster, can also be automatically numbered, it can reduce the pressure to upload pictures. This naming method helps spider love Shanghai because of recognition, intelligent love Shanghai has can be identified for some sensitive digital.

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