For the soft story how to deal with our awkward position

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in general network marketing team, division of labor are relatively clear, many optimization promotion are based on content as the carrier, then it is doomed to the importance of editor positions, but also because the network marketing between each section (such as micro-blog, forum, blog, love Shanghai to promote the close correlation, etc.) the editor will produce an embarrassing situation, because the other job colleagues also cannot do without the content editing, after working in a certain long time accumulation, editing will feel replaced gradually strengthened, will feel the homogenization. Stand in the occupation of long-term development perspective, we want to avoid this phenomenon. So we must have been strengthening a sense of improving their position recognition. Is the "I" must reflect the characteristics of other colleagues will be full-time forum, micro-blog, love Shanghai optimization and so on, they are not in full-time soft writing, so the editor itself should continue to strengthen the original characteristics, relying on the high quality of the original, will distinguish themselves and other positions.

second, avoid post

change rapidly of the Internet, network marketing has become the main direction of many enterprises, regardless of the site updates, product promotion, micro-blog marketing need soft, decisive effect on online text. However, the network marketing team of the soft writing, but also facing a lot of confusion and confusion, A5 station network of Shanghai Longfeng diagnostic team (贵族宝贝yuehuai贵族宝贝/ Shanghai dragon zhenduan/) on their own experiences, this and we do an exchange, we face the embarrassing situation, how to adjust, how to deal with.

first, improve their job identification

developmentThe original Effect of

is a way to improve the soft editing job identification, but standing in the editor also face a dilemma: in fact, a lot of network marketing, including the development of the site, to a certain extent, but does not need to go to the original article, with large portals, is relying on the mutual "reproduced" basis the writer believes that many of the editor are facing this problem. If the original is no longer the focus, then we how to position themselves? So we should have the awareness that expand and deepen job skills. Soft writing is an important aspect, but also can be said to be a foundation, but not as all the network marketing, the author thinks that the editor should have the consciousness to expand on their jobs, such as online activities planning, program writing, company news writing, drafting the program of cooperation, "planning" ability is definitely a US but around the direction of development. I believe online activities is all network marketing team can not be ignored. For the text Gang, Shanghai dragon, optimization promotion is not a good choice, because the depth is really doing is absolutely is the technical level. And this is the word Gang lacking, so we can be targeted in the planning and marketing direction are extended and deepened, and in the traditional sense. "

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