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even so, I still believe Wangzhuan will get better tomorrow, there will be more good for everyone to participate in the project. With sincerity, honesty will soon be established. This is my 178cash Wangzhuan information network’s purpose: cooperation, win-win wealth network.

                recently, there are a lot of Wangzhuan Wangzhuan station or fail, some survey of the number of stations also appears to reduce, many people will think is most probably it did not actually happen company bad credit investigation, click on the company are not sincere, as everyone knows, sometimes it is certain make friends to cheat or even collapse reduce business volume. I think, no matter how formal stand, how the strength of the station was not cheating torture, a lot of good in the foreign site to have a Chinese, shrinking volume of business, and some even can not stand half collapsed, or set a high threshold for Chinese people. Similarly, a station, other countries IP access, there is no need for credit guarantee, and we have to participate in the people have to have, I think this is not discrimination, but our own problems of course, there are many scammers site. Look at the forum, everywhere is full of traps The atmosphere was foul., fraud, cheating tools tricks. Do not know whether these webmaster have thought, your momentary small benefit loses all Chinese people’s credit. May I say seriously, but I still have to persuade some of the convergence of some people, to create a good environment for the Wangzhuan novice.

first, I will declare that is the main development and investigation of click Wangzhuan station. Wangzhuan three years I made several small achievements, not to earn some money. I think do Wangzhuan, the most important is your attitude, you have what kind of mood to do Wangzhuan, six months after your site will reward you, what kind of results. Here, some people will think I will sing the same old song, just keep doing it like mentality. But today I want to say, "persistence is important, but more important is honesty, or sincerity.".

Beijing October 11th "business weekly" reported that the Chinese market has been the focus of American risk investment business concern, especially in the field of Internet in the early stage of the investment opportunity. Of course, there is no risk in investing in China. The investment opportunities in China’s Internet are not only difficult to find, but also the local managers are disappointed because they have not enough experience.

1. chance is there, but it is difficult to find. The first round of investment in China created Chinese search giant sh419, Sina portal leader, and instant messaging business Tencent , only this. If you want to find other good opportunities related to the Internet in China, in addition to patience, but also take the right path.

2. need a good CEO and a good team. The biggest challenge for China Investment Co is to find a management team. In the United States, good managers grab a lot because they have very extensive management experience. China’s Internet is still very young, so it’s very difficult to find a genius manager.

In this paper, with 178cash, online information network are please indicate the source, thank you ~

do Wangzhuan time wit it for nearly three years, during which there are a lot of emotion has no time to say today, during the Spring Festival holiday is free to talk to everyone wangzhuan. Right, welcome Paizhuan ah, ha ha ~

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