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2, do not change the program. Site replacement procedures, will be a large number of duplicate pages, resulting in repeated spider crawling. Not only a waste of resources, but also scattered page weight, resulting in waste of the page, with serious impact on the search engine on the web. So, if you have to change the program directly using the new domain name to the new site.

But the

pre order: the beginning of the end of 2011, the search engine has obviously started to increase the emphasis on the user experience, that is to say, the chain in the site weight proportion will gradually reduce. We now most of the site is relying on a strong chain be ranked, the requirements of the user experience is not reflected at all. So, this kind of website in 2012 or 2013 will be the search engine clean, want to get rank and weight is not possible anymore. So, the website in order to survive and develop for a long time, the revision is can hardly be avoided. The website, as long as two weeks after the maintenance of the website weight and keywords ranking can be restored. Now is the best time to the website, to the revision of the website must seize this opportunity.

website is not free to change, but we plan to make the system and modify the program. In addition, the website has several matters needing attention must be careful, otherwise cause serious damages to the website ranking and weight.

3, you cannot change and delete the directory path. Web page can modify the directory, you can change the name, but can not change the directory path; you can also build a new directory and replace the old directory, but to ensure that the directory exists, can continue to be accessed.

why did you say that now is the best opportunity for the website? There are two reasons: first, during the Chinese new year, the search engine algorithm updates will be stalled, especially love Shanghai, will greatly reduce the frequency of spiders, so the website down right may be greatly reduced. Second, during the Chinese New Year holiday, with the staff and the webmaster website optimization, optimization and maintenance peer site will be greatly reduced, at this time of the website will not widen the gap with competitors. Therefore, this time you can rest assured that the revision of the website.

in addition, the website during the Chinese new year can not be excessive optimization, excessive optimization will also cause the site to drop right. The general optimization excessive mainly in the following aspects:

1, the link is not reasonable. First of all, many webmaster love on the site add at the bottom of key links to the home page, this is the so-called "back chain", has now been search engine that is cheating.

1, can not change the path of

. Once the site path change, there will be a lot of dead link, the chain system will change, the weight will all links has been lost, and will reduce the trust degree of the search engine on the web site, the weight will decline, which leads to the lower right at least 3-4 months to recover, so it is the biggest taboo.

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