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2, in each big website to open my own blog. Now there are a lot of website blog features, major portals, vertical industry sites, local communities and so on

4, Links platform. The method of their website to Links platform is also very much, and this release is required as above, the best ALEXA ranked one hundred thousand within the site. Another will often update your links, take the initiative to find and their site similar site exchange links, do not have to change what website.

, for example: the four major news portals, Tianya, blog bus, bokee贵族宝贝, mobile Labs. The news blog, blog, 19 floor, shangdu贵族宝贝 and so on, can open their own blog, publish their articles and links to your site.

6, soft release. A very good way is to write text, normally even add your link is not easy to be removed. The first soft release to the weight of relatively high site, such as A5, you will be released after many websites, this has created a large number of the chain.

This article reviews and comments,

5, Q & a platform. This is a good place for the release of the chain, but also a good place to do effect, we must make good use of. Register several account, ask the answer is a good way to ask the number of control released every day in 3-5, long-term adherence to. Inquiry platform: love Shanghai know, Search ask, ask Sina, there are many type of industry inquiry platform, one by one not listed here, collect more collections.

3, website directory. Now the site directory site not all sites are too many to count, to submit their own website, must choose the weight of price high, ALEXA is the best ranking within one hundred thousand, so choose a good web site directory to submit, included is a thing. Submit sites directory is the need for a period of time of the audit, this can wait, if funded, can pay directly through.

7, forum posting. This will focus on, many owners do not know what to go to the forum post, every day is the webmaster forum posting replies, so that although the number of site outside the chain to go up, but the cause of the chain of the single site will also drop right, even as our website as being K away. The method is as follows: to find a forum.

1. Have the comment or message function, in many large websites such as Youku, watercress, blog, website message board and so on, which do not need to do a website audit records for later released again.

site was K yesterday due to the low quality of the chain to my site into the abyss, the focus of analysis is caused by the site outside the chain, then finishing the night the next site outside the chain construction plan, according to the past experience, the following summary of how to build a high quality the chain group, in order to give the webmaster reference and later your team:


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