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said here is not ZhengZhan weight, but the quality of. And the weight of the page

concluded: at present because of a hurry to share with you, may at every point there will be some validation is not rigorous, if have what opinion hope timely. In addition, the author is enterprise management software original! Please indicate the

this is found in view of competitors. Figure

3, the tag list page will appear graphic logo

graphic signs!

recently began a discussion about love in Shanghai search results with graphic signs, but now just to talk about, no in-depth analysis. For example, in the A5 have seen several articles about the incident.

!I am responsible for the site to

site has several major electricity supplier sites are no, guess: all products are the basic business station page is strictly illustrated, the label appears in the page may not be able to improve the search user experience.

4, e-commerce product page does not appear graphic marking situation.

1, the high quality



verification: this station has a column for the cloud factory, in the inurl directory home page search results are marked by. The station appears at the bottom of the page picture text. And use the div effect (click to a larger view mode).

love Shanghai to encourage high quality articles, the article illustrated the difference to treat, but there are a lot of user station page although there are pictures but there was no sign of the puzzling. Not only for the following by you about how to make the graphic signs appear below, went straight to the theme, let your website to appear

ECP enterprise cloud management platform, we can inurl the news directory page, some of which are graphic signs, some are not, but many articles with pictures and no graphic signs. In addition, the article in the station all the size of the picture, the number is almost the same, is not the same, no graphic signs are low weight (search title ranking).



2, div effect thumbnails, picture location on the picture signs had no effect on


also can be summarized: the number of words and pictures had no effect on the graphic signs, of course, pure image page does not appear.


it is with div specific display pictures, or the location of the picture (display JS and flash pictures is not considered in this paper range) are signs of no effect on the picture.

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