Several strategies on the process of Shanghai dragon in practice

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I watched the station is the movie online watch, then integration forum, forum pseudo static settings. At the forum, there is a special column is the release of the latest movies, TV and online watch the address. The specific steps are as follows:

The first step of

today is January 31, 2011, everyone is busy, I wish you all the days go out can be money to the spirit of


looks very simple two step, bring the flow of the amazing. Many community forums have movie area, inside do not try to advertising in general will not be deleted.

TV series the twelve zodiac legend, found that some people make good use of Shanghai dragon make flow, I analyzed their Shanghai Longfeng practice steps, is written for your reference.

3. to other sites with links to increase the weight of the article.

A few days ago to see the

The 1.


: online release of the latest movies, TV series watch address, the large number of mentioned in the movie or TV series and to optimize the keywords, to increase keyword density. With one other vest account of the top posts every day, or write the new story.

Shanghai index index keywords love view, select the keywords optimization.

if you feel your level of Shanghai dragon is not very high, can easily find some optimization keywords, competition is not so intense keywords to optimize. Slowly add the difficulty to oneself, so that the level of their own step by step up. To improve their level of Shanghai dragon in practice.

Xiao Yu original, starting A5. Please indicate: Liaocheng network group purchase website 贵族宝贝0635gou贵族宝贝/ this is a friend of Xiao Yu, I hope a lot of support and help a lot of publicity, thank you

adhere to the above to do, believe that will let their traffic increase by a large margin, this site I observed my estimate from the sea to fall in love with the flow of about 100000 every day, he optimization for movies or TV series hot search keywords, each keyword basically in Shanghai love home, there are a few love Shanghai ranked first. Some keywords love Shanghai index is about 200000, so I estimate his website by these words at least from the sea to the flow of about 100000 love.


2. writing focused keyword density, also do not deliberately prominent, as long as the rationalization does not affect the user’s reading on the line.


the second step: to some PR value high popularity popular large website forum to release this information, which refers to the online post their own links and their website broadcast address. (this can bring traffic and increase the chain, some of them do keyword text description

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