The 6 module standardization strategy website construction

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title, can be said to be a page of the soul, it is not only related to the web page in the search results page ranking, but also affect the site visits. May the title to the ranking is not very difficult to understand, and the impact on traffic is a bit confusing, here are two examples:

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is also selling stainless steel magnetic insulation Cup, the first title and second title, the consumer appeal is obviously different, the second title is more persuasive, so naturally it can attract more consumers to click on, and also enhance the site visits.


two (Keywords)


: the title (Title)

page title has two, one is the page title, a title, we suggest that the page title and title of the article to be consistent, as shown below:

relative to the web pages, which contains the contents of the form to the rich, can include text, images, audio, video and links, in the enterprise website construction step, planning the content of the page will be very reasonable, are conducive to carry out post enterprise website Shanghai dragon phoenix. Typically, a web page should contain the following 6 modules, we illustrate the following one by one.

page should not use too many words, should pay attention to choose, >

keyword can be understood as the central idea of a page to clarify, for example, the keyword is "modules", so we have been focusing on this to the title, "what is the 6 modules" formed? ", and it continues to write around the keywords.


in the figure, the page title not only contains the title of the article, and other content, such as web site name and column name etc.. A website usually contains a lot of pages, each page title must be different, especially the page title, many webmasters are easy to ignore this point.

", is called the" page ", because it is very similar to our traditional page, a page in a book will contain text, pictures, content, and the content of the page is the same, just can contain more abundant. We often say, "the website, actually form and book similar website is equivalent to a book," the equivalent of a page, a page can be bound into a book, a web page can form a website.

A The Keywords:

about the title of writing, we will continue to discuss the follow-up, do not do this in detail, please pay attention to the following updates.

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