Teach you through the third party data to understand the site of the Shanghai dragon operation effec

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Alexa is the site ranked in the world rankings, a value of the data is estimated by the third party through technical means, the user may also to check their website according to the platform provides a tool for ranking, can even predict the site out of the user behavior data rate, average residence time and the depth of the website, the data is in the browser on the user needs this plugin to deal with the data statistics, the same market is also the circulation brush Alexa ranking tools, so the data is to be combined with other data indicators to comprehensive analysis, will have a more objective evaluation results.

analysis of a web site of the Shanghai dragon effect mainly from the following five aspects: to do

First, the

third, Thesaurus


can also through 5118 ways to get to the platform, according to their own habits and preferences to select. Click on the data that can be entered after vocabulary specific data analysis, with keywords fixed dimension, view index, ranking, flow and estimate the target page, obviously the greater the amount of coverage, more extensive coverage, high coverage more keyword index, indicating the site of Shanghai Longfeng effect is more obvious. Derived thesaurus, can refine the keyword and the target page, to analyze the website.

second, Alexa

The weight of !

has been evaluating a website operation effect is very important in the daily index, most people will weight webmaster tools to query a web site through a love station, the value of the weighted query from the third party platform for the value of the webmaster friends may find that division of weights is mainly divided according to estimates the flow rate, and the estimated flow is through the lexicon coverage, keywords index on the data index estimate, so the weight value can indeed reflect the effects of website operation from some aspects, but it cannot be considered as standard as the only index conclusion. The first example of a website brand word generally can easily achieve the home page, with little means to you only need to put the brand word, or even a series of brand combination index of brush up, so as to achieve the purpose of weight value increases rapidly, so the weight value can only be used as a standard to judge the effect of website operation one of the

when you want to analyze your competitor’s website, when you want to analyze your interest in the site, when the interviewer gives you the topic to analyze their websites in Shanghai Longfeng effect and so on, no matter for what purpose, you want to know a website of Shanghai Longfeng effect, we must learn to obtain data for the verification and analysis. This article "Crawler" lost through some dimensions of the data acquisition and analysis so as to achieve the diagnosis of a website operation effect, and the webmaster do a share


can go to query access to the lexicon, as shown by the webmaster tools:

website weight

Of course,

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