The orange K station at the end of follow up comedy US orange nternet crisis admirable ability

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January 10th orange K station door full review" of the incident, have been reported in detail, and on this event the US orange Internet had a radical critique, but after the developments are unexpected, beautiful orange Internet as a mature domestic IDC business reflects the great attention of ofreputation shaping and the great sincerity of the victim user rights – for maximum control of the major site of further loss, fast recovery of all sites, and the maximum range of make up for the loss of the user, the sensational Shanghai Longfeng session of the tragedy in just a week to a comedy ending ending.

has been restored

the afternoon of January 11th, orange officials said willing to make compensation has been extended Business Hours way for the victims of website, webmaster and communication scheme and other special circumstances of the compensation.

at noon on January 11th, more than half of the victim’s website restore love Shanghai snapshot, some keywords ranking

Have friends from the A5 station issued "orange Internet K station event — on DNS and domestic IDC" to the incident analysis objective before

, this paper pointed out that the incident of orange Internet accused cannot be too harsh, because the domestic IDC business in a similar incident in the table is not as later developments proved that the beautiful orange to the customer responsible attitude is still very worthy of recognition: Senior active into the group with the head of communication, one to one and all users to negotiate compensation, which in all IDC accident is extremely rare. The author as a victim of one of the webmaster, very satisfied with the performance of us orange Internet sincerity, will also continue to continue cooperation and orange.

The author wrote " Subsequent event review: The author writes the

the morning of January 12th, most of the victims recover part of love Shanghai website snapshot, part of the site has been restored to all pages indexed by

the morning of January 11th, all the injured site threw no sign of recovery, the webmaster in emotional group. The beautiful orange official into the group, in addition to the initiative to understand the technical situation of webmaster apology, and that is love and communication to solve problems in Shanghai.

until January 16th, the basic group of all owners said Shanghai has returned to love the snapshot included, keywords ranking has also been restored and K station not far, most of the victims have been satisfied with the compensation for the owners, the "K" incident is to get a satisfactory solution.

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