What are the perfect fit for the CMS system of Shanghai Longfeng conditions

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URL is necessary. The CMS system is perfect for Shanghai dragon is to define whether the static URL (URL server may need to support such as mod_rewrite module). Including the directory name and file name all.

for keyword tag (Guan Jianci (words) and description tag (tag) label). Should be fully abridged because of ranking has little effect. If you can’t generate the appropriate label, is not to write as well. If you choose to write custom

this is the web application system almost all support functions. Release product or article content can be custom tags or tag page is generated by the system.

for search engine optimization (Shanghai dragon), and the webmaster, set up their own server is not cost-effective, it is not necessary. Naturally there will be open source web application. The ZBLOG/WORDPRESS/ Empire CMS/DedeCMS (Zhi Meng) English / JOOMLS/DRUPAL/ and so on, although the system itself has been carried out in Shanghai Dragon – that is, with a certain degree of optimization and adjustment of Shanghai Longfeng foundation; but the Tianyuan program is each one has its own merits, each one has his good points. Mianyang construction site in the actual application of CMS website system will feel more, that today the CMS system to bend a small CMS system: what are the perfect fit for the condition of Shanghai dragon

!The custom

B:meta tag

and RSS web site mapCMS

system is perfect for Shanghai dragon is the site map can automatically generate a version of the XML, and even RSS map. Remember to submit > engine here

Mianyang Shanghai dragon that CMS system is perfectly suited to the conditions of Shanghai dragon are as follows.

F: the generation of


A: the page title (title) custom


page classification: some called the channel page. The column page. This should be a separate area or region to write text. This is just a good classification page list but a list of products, no unique introduction text.

page text classification function

E:TAG (label)


this is not difficult to understand. Most of the sites are: class name – the name of the web site; the product name – name – the name of the site classification; arrangement of product name – this site name. But the CMS system is perfect for Shanghai dragon should be able to customize the title page of all (title), and can be based on Guan Jianci (words) of re write suitable title (Title).

C:URL staticizeStatic

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