How to use the long tail keywords matrix love Shanghai SkyDrive to build website

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and the flash of a document on the positioning of SkyDrive arena, several long tail word ranking figure.



for the website promotion optimization, each station has its own strategy, but there is a principle is universal, effective configuration of website needs main keywords and long tail keywords, to get more traffic. For popular keywords, is not suitable for love through a single file Shanghai SkyDrive to get good rankings promotion effect. The main keywords first step then love Shanghai SkyDrive promotion is on its own site, according to the search input habit of target customer groups may, to build a full range of combination of long tail keywords.

cloud storage is hot, what Kingsoft disk, HUAWEI, SkyDrive, Sina micro nano disk disk, cool disk, SkyDrive, SkyDrive, Shanda love Shanghai 360 SkyDrive, SkyDrive 115, SkyDrive also appeared a variety of great convenience in our daily life online file storage and sharing forwarding. As the Internet giant, love Shanghai naturally will not give up the entrance so important, at present Shanghai SkyDrive love free volume have been from the beginning of the 5G to begin the upgrade to today’s 2T capacity, it can be said that the love of Shanghai has become a large number of users second hard disk. So to the webmaster friends, in addition to love Shanghai SkyDrive as the document data storage and forwarding, whether there are other functions can use it? Then share with us how to use love Shanghai SkyDrive Shanghai dragon long tail keywords for their own site. With the help of family love sea advantage, through the love of Shanghai SkyDrive document, create their own long tail keywords matrix.


ADO, take a look at the sea with family dominance. The love of Shanghai SkyDrive has included the 70 million SkyDrive docs, although this number than the amount included in the library of Shanghai hundreds of millions of love’s a little shabby, but I believe that before long, SkyDrive should be able to emulate library or even play a more important role than the library, Bi Jingwen library simply limited several document class file sharing, unable to support other application class file types.

The concept of

long tail keywords organization after using website long tail keywords document title, the content of the document according to the content of the site itself and positioning of the long tail word is extended, the establishment of the document, upload to the love of Shanghai SkyDrive. After uploading, the love of Shanghai SkyDrive, can form a share of the public links for this document, will this link through love Shanghai site submit entrance, submit url, the remaining task is to wait for love in Shanghai included on the document, and show the ranking. If you wait for the process included in the document is very boring, the document can also be generated to address some of the weight high BBS distribution, accelerate Shanghai love to this document included, these are not a commonplace talk of an old scholar, said. >

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