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three: including but not exposed, but not confused a Shanghai Dragon Spirit optimization

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when we were in Shanghai Longfeng long-term optimization work, when the discovery search engine has some loopholes, we do not need never be pleased with oneself, the idea of using these vulnerabilities, a lot of people think it’s stupid, but this is the highest level of Shanghai Longfeng optimization, that is known and perplexed, for example we went to the bank’s ATM machine withdrawals, when ATM was able to automatically spit money, then you know this loophole, you should tell the vulnerability to the bank staff for the first time, if you want to use this loophole, once found, can be.

website optimization mentality calmWe must do

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there are some people who are studying how to improve the user experience, but also some people all day in the study of search engine optimization, in fact, these two methods are wrong, because the level of intelligent search engine has been quite high, but also pay more attention to the user experience. The search engine is the constant pursuit of fair, open and transparent, so that everyone on the same platform of fair competition, although there are many artificial intervention to love Shanghai criticism, but it is not perfect because love Shanghai algorithm is a lot of people use, so in love with sea only human intervention which is to maintain more! The


search engine to improve the user experience as the first element has become a consensus, so as long as we serve the profound, we will be able to improve the user experience of the website, so do the user experience is the biggest Shanghai dragon optimization, but also a concrete manifestation of the art of


two: search engines pay more attention to the user experience, and to enhance the user experience does not need the skills of

website operation mentality calm, this is usually acted as the criterion, we also do the criterion, honest man, steadfast do stand, have a good attitude, can effectively complete the preliminary stage of inaction! Many people make Shanghai dragon often think optimization shortcuts, such as buy some black chain, through some software to brush data and so on, that can be search engine playing in the palm between the strands, but even if it is only to deceive the search engine is a success, once the search engine, then you before all the efforts will be still serious with love vanish like soap bubbles, Shanghai optimization guide rules it is the right path optimization,

Lao Tzu inaction thought has influenced our style of doing things, in ancient times there is Yao Shun with rules, thus greatly enhance the civilization, to the Han Dynasty is just let the early Han life back to a very high level, but it can also be applied to the website construction, the so-called elephant art is invisible, but no skill to describe what changes do nothing and do everything, for the website optimization Shanghai dragon, do it that is a kind of the highest level, then how can we do the site optimization by

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