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Xiao Bian believes that the "48 hours to three", the original brush flow tool upgrades, brush flow has been the usual methods of search engine recognition, unable to improve website rankings and the weights of the role, but will make the website search engine suffer severe punishment and penalty, and the recent brush flow tools is an upgraded version of technical and operational stronger, using the simulated user search mode, continuous conversion of IP address, through the search keywords, click on the target site, and can be simulated browsing the web page, it is strong

small view: ready to accept either course. Each one according to his lights! Chose not to regret, don’t choose, don’t regret.

, a website ranking and weight lifting. The obvious is the use of black hat operating practices, the use of search engine technology vulnerabilities, human ascension website ranking. In this regard, although small that is not desirable, but also no objection. After all, the boundaries between Shanghai dragon black hat and white hat is not particularly clear division, and Shanghai dragon industry progress can be said a lot of thanks to the black hat, they are the first person, in the Feasibility Exploration and verification techniques. This method of brush flow, need to have a premise: key words must be on page second. In fact, we all know that some index is relatively high by the webmaster keywords of hard work, the final positioning in the second page, this is a very sad fact in the industry. The competition strength is too large, domain name, space, site layout, content, chain and so on all the details of the role is very important, so many owners have to accept the reality. The brush flow tools, from the current stage to solve this problem. However, we also need to understand, maybe you have to use at the same time, after the tragedy foreshadowed.

with the continuous adjustment of the search engine algorithm, the webmaster of the site optimization technology will change rapidly, on the 6.28 love K station in Shanghai on the occasion of the storm continues, the webmaster forum appeared 48 hours before the three love Shanghai, unsuccessful charge "heroic utterance. It was an eventful year, Xiao Bian has not been much attention. However, recently there are more and more sites joined the ranks, so many webmaster made such a sigh: "it is an expert in the industry of Shanghai dragon! Tool super

two, improve website income. Many webmaster friends in the website are our ads, so brush flow tools come in handy. Click through the brush tool manufacturing flow, increase their income, this method, small series that is absolutely not desirable. A few years ago, there are many websites because of the use of the tools of their own website click on the brush flow network alliance promotion advertising blacklisted. And from the perspective of integrity, is not feasible. Do stand as the person, you can go to get the site with the very means of traffic and.

! !"

and various brush flow behavior behind, hidden in the small demand of every hue, summarizes three kinds of behavior, for everyone here to do a detailed introduction:

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