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interview with adult supplies IMTOY Wang Guanghui

Yang Zhongqi Sina Technology

in the traditional Chinese concept, sex has always been a shameful embarrassing topic, until now it will not formally discuss it. Nevertheless, it can not cover up the huge market.

with the rise of the electricity supplier, the people do not want to get on the table to solve the problem. According to statistics, an electronic business platform for adult supplies sales growth rate of 60% per month. The size of the market has reached 30 billion two years ago, and now has more than one hundred billion level.

most entrepreneurs regard the industry as a cover, as a springboard. They are doing business in order to win the attention, few people pay attention to the product itself. This is Wang Guanghui with a powerful and unconstrained style shy 80 Aquarius, but after a change after selecting a smart business direction, Adult supplies IMTOY.

from the game to promote the development of adult products

Wang Guanghui will position themselves as pioneers, typical Aquarius 80 after him, there is always a powerful and unconstrained style ideas, from 2006 to the present business for nearly ten years.

because of the "Stone Age" love, his first job is responsible for the media promotion of the game. Later, due to the concept of smart phones interested, he was responsible for the introduction of Zodiac PDA.

his first venture in 2006, was a friend to pull Xu electronic magazine. At that time Wang Guanghui, the team took the little pay day special chicken work, carries the dream to start a business trip. Then do the enterprise OA system, modular website, done a variety of projects, but did not earn money.

A project of

Wang Guanghui’s real first pot of gold from the United Nations, to the children of the third world education system, connected to each terminal to realize education through a host. The experience accumulated during the development of software and hardware for the day after the IMTOY intelligent Adult supplies foundation of many technology.

in the capital, the entrepreneurial team began to carry out a number of parallel projects, including hand travel, cloud computing, video projects, educational hardware, etc.. The experience of a number of entrepreneurial Wang Guanghui also slowly shifted interest, more to investors, financial partners gesture, to some extent, out of these projects.

later, the many entrepreneurs who want to develop a mobile phone private partner, his vision is to develop a mobile phone with a virtual image of artificial intelligence, machine learning can have a certain awareness and accompany users. But he was too afraid of the project amount is too large, resulting in the project itself from the hot spots, but also afraid of the project to the development of the game. From this point of view, his team summed up the "privacy", "partner" and other key words, to avoid some of the drawbacks, they created the IMTOY

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