Sanming Shanghai and Shanghai share the Dragon love know the honeymoon trip

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1. Shanghai development potential users know and love. As a webmaster said, love Shanghai has a large number of potential users know. The love of Shanghai know promotion with pertinence and effectiveness is very strong, exaggeration to say basically is a catch a group. Of course, there is a prerequisite, is your sincere to help users, besides professional should be to answer the questions as the process is a process of soft launch. Your knowledge, understanding of the situation, grasp the information, summarizing the experience, tell users without reservation, then cleverly implanted in answer to the content of the website, make friends by identifying your answer, and agree with you and agree with your website. For example, the proper one or two website name, the best way to land can be used in our model is completed, plus a "above the old secret network point of view, for reference only". This is the answer by one hundred percent. If the answer is wonderful, enough weight, some believe that users will set a search keyword, bring traffic to your site. Of course, this keyword must be your site in the first row, then popular but also never mind, maybe one day search, by cold heat is also likely.

2. Shanghai know the original writing and love. The original article is written as everyone knows drudgery, often have the webmaster in your original come from? The answer is the foreign language website translation, site collection, QQ space shield spider removal, books and magazines over the scanning system and so on, these are all good ideas. Shanghai dragon to recommend to you is a combination of love to write the original article know Shanghai Sanming today. In front of a little said, we are really a principle in the photo to answer questions, never to engage in what to answer. For some to see that this is the promotion of the problem as far as possible, avoid, lest do nothing. In fact, through our efforts, answer the adoption rate of more than 30%, can be said to be a pretty good record, and many of them are classified as administrator recommended answer, otherwise it is impossible to have accumulated a month to a score of 2000. Sanming Shanghai dragon every day at least one problem is that effort is the answer, some will spend more than 10 minutes, three or four points, one or two are listed in a special, like writing articles. The answer is a skill at the time of publication, is the first answer on his website to take the title, the first release, and to answer other users together in. Love Shanghai included, to submit this answer, "

often listen to the grassroots webmaster about love Shanghai know of website promotion, the charm of magic and unlimited power, but it has not been tried. One day last month in Sanming Shanghai Longfeng registered two accounts prompted by a sudden impulse, began in Shanghai love to know the battle. For now, just to today’s full moon". One month, it is rewarding, two accounts were mixed at five level and four level, to promote the old secret network has achieved good results, might as well put this time is called the "honeymoon" tour. Have some experience to share with you.

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