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white hat and black hat Shanghai Shanghai dragon dragon

search engine flow chart

search engine and Shanghai dragon


search engine optimization, namely Shanghai Dragon (Search Engine Optimization), which in order to enhance web search in the search engine results included the number and ranking position, in order to get more free traffic from search engines, high quality of the user, according to the search features, sorting rules, reasonable adjustment and optimization of website design and construction method, which is in accordance with the website construction, search engine retrieval rules of website operation behavior. In addition, Shanghai Longfeng are conducive to the search engines fast included new page, improve your coverage effect.

white hat Shanghai Longfeng, by means of optimizing site, enhance the user experience, and good interactive search engine, search engine optimization method to reflect the quality and authority of the site.


search engine is on the Internet data information were collected, and provide query service system. The search engine is good at understanding the user demand, search for massive data capture, information screening and scoring, fast query etc..

search engines continue through technological innovation, optimization strategy to identify cheating. Any use of search strategies and flaws of the engine, the use of malicious means to obtain not in conformity with the quality of web page ranking, by the quality of search results and user search experience decreased behavior could be identified as search engine cheating. Treat cheating, light is deprived of search engine cheating weight, weight may be the site refused to be collected by search engines.

Shanghai dragon is an important means of network marketing, the working principle of search engine and user needs through understanding, while respecting the search engine user value, to optimize the on site, can get more users, traffic and brand. Shanghai dragon has the advantages of low cost, easy operation, good for the user experience and other characteristics, is a process of self marketing must pay attention to the website.

search engine based on user’s query requirements, scoring sort of data information, and in accordance with the order of the output, to help users easily and quickly and accurately find the required information, this is the most important value of search engine users.

search engine and user value

The The

black hat Shanghai dragon, with the impact of prohibition search engine search engine ranking (cheating), and deviate from the value and the user search experience, search engine optimization method to short-term interests as the main goal. Just sorting the search engine will maintain the Internet website, to provide users with the correct search results, while the black hat Shanghai Longfeng practice with this conflict.


[tips] all Shanghai dragon should follow the principle of work, and job search engine user value as the premise.

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