The enterprise website how to bind user can not be ignored some small website function

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Some small !

recently found love Shanghai more of a function, is to query the courier in the Taobao shopping, no matter what the courier, express a single number is as long as the input, immediately show detailed information express a single number, compared with before, buyers in the search engine home, do not have to choose what fast delivery, nor to the express company website to enter a single number. Directly in the search page is displayed, convenient and fast

so, enterprise website of those functions can increase the adhesion of the user? This should be considered according to the specific situation of enterprises, although a lot of practical function, but may not be suitable for business users. The enterprise website online, be taken from two aspects, one is the enterprise employees, according to a survey of employees, employees who hope that the site can meet their function, for some special staff use the network enterprise, the network office software can improve the work efficiency; the other one is from the enterprise users consider. For example, business location, travel route, so convenient for users to study business. There is a corporate Web site, because of the relatively remote, the route marked only an approximate position, then, enterprises in the recruitment of staff, the staff found that taking a bus to the office, only to find the original local bus routes have been on the line, the enterprise website for information timely updates, convenient for users < > demand!

"the Internet is a very interesting thing, especially the site, to find some interesting features, continue to give users the most convenient service, will fully appreciate the wonderful experience of the website and return!" in the early 123’s website, with a navigation function, it is a great success, "the gander", "More haste, less speed.", as the enterprise website not Lee Ji Gong anxious, but in considering the user on the basis of many efforts, because, in the social network era, all users will win win

in a corporate job Xiao Zhou, will often visit the company’s website, the company website, the management staff to join the provident fund website in the enterprise web site, but also on a rent owing on the loan calculation software, in this way, Zhou very convenient in the company’s Web site to find themselves on the mortgage data, is not only a small the company has a mortgage, many people will not regularly visit the company’s Web site, see the relevant information.

do not ignore the website, at present a lot of enterprise website will be targeted in marketing and corporate image display, publicity, often is the tall form, the result, spent a lot of money and a lot of power, as a result of punches in cotton, as there is No. Although in the update, the chain construction site are under a lot of effort, the user’s residence time is very short, but this time, adding some small applications on the site, including some local information, query software, assistant and so on, these are actually free, or even just a link you can fix, don’t despise these seemingly unrelated indirect function, can improve the weight of enterprise website.


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