Strategy analysis of website optimization based on user behavior

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With the continuous upgrading of Shanghai

then how to analyze user behavior, and accordingly for the website optimization? I think we can from the following several aspects, can play a very good effect.

third, analysis of high-end industry sites for meet the user details. Every industry will have a very good website, have a lot of fans and users, so the analysis of user behavior trajectory, can let us fully understand the love to the user what kind of content, what kind of website structure, a hot demand in the industry, so that it can help to optimize your web site or, find the entry of these high-end sites where the defect, so as to cut into the market segments, and thus establish their own customer base, this is the same.

love love Shanghai algorithm, and constantly optimize their guide, and gradually closer to the user experience, which illustrates the present site optimization entered a new stage, that is to be optimized based on user behavior, so it can play a multiplier effect of optimization. Because of love of Shanghai proposed optimization strategy is to let yourself better grab content, and provide services for the majority of customers, and we love Shanghai to optimize its purpose is for the majority of users, different ways to the same, so it provides the possibility to optimize the site based on user behavior.

not only that, when you will be the site of the landing page is optimized for access to the site of the user through other channels will also increase the attraction, such as increasing the quality of the content, optimize the function of the website, can be very good to let users on the site, when the site of the jump rate decreased, also tend to increase when love Shanghai the weight of your site, so can play a multiplier role in optimization.

second, to understand the needs of users and user interaction. Website optimization is a relatively closed process, but an interactive process, only through interaction can fully understand user behavior, then improve our website. So in the optimization of the site, should set up a QQ group, or the construction of a sub forum site, let the user be able to in this forum to express their views, and even posted the insect activities on the site, reward for good suggestions proposed by the users, so it can allow users to help us find the problem, and users from their own point of view, than the webmaster stand in user angle analysis more accurate, so it can achieve more accurate optimization of website.

first, the relevant data analysis of Web site optimization strategy change. The analysis of user behavior is actually the data on the website of the innovation analysis, to optimize the site better refinement. For example, through out the rate analysis website, we can know the user in this web site, the web page does not attract users, then the problem is in love Shanghai landing page search results, then the optimization is the key to the landing page. So this can reflect the user behavior data analysis, we can find the key direction of optimization, so as to enhance the website optimization effect.

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