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, Google will display the advanced search options on the left side of the screen bar. But it is worth noting that many of these options are content with the same black toolbar at the top of the page, including pictures, maps and shopping options etc..




after the revision of the Google search results page, the left sidebar to the search box below, knowledge map on the right side of the larger display area

said the move is in order to provide users with a variety of different devices in a unified experience. Remove the left sidebar, Google web pages, pictures, maps and other search options to the top search results, to have more space to display the "knowledge map" results.


Prior to

said Google advanced search tool itself does not change, click on the "search" option and is almost the same as before.

technology news Beijing time on November 7th morning news, Google announced Tuesday that it has been on the search page for a new revision, the left sidebar option to move to the top of search results, thus leaving more space, for the right side of the "knowledge map".

currently only U.S. users can see the new design, Google plans as soon as the design is extended to other languages and the user area.

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