User habits do not rely on guess must carefully study

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2, the user browsing habits of

we do network marketing personnel, user habits we often mention the word, do conform to the user habits of marketing. Then the user habits how come? We are not out of the need to guess the most probably it did not actually happen, according to the study, make effective judgment conform to the user habits.

3, product development to meet user habits

website optimization, website construction is the priority among priorities, in accordance with the design of the user experience will give website bring high conversion. A user browsing a website, which page, click the position to which traffic is relatively high, so these are the users love things, which also embodies the user browsing habits. Many web designers pursue personalized website design, and not the individual website, more in line with the user experience, user browsing habits. Do the design of lottery sales system of the site, Google statistics page clicks and views is an important basis for our research of the user experience.

under our lottery website, share with you, the user habits of which:

The optimization process of

user search habits is website optimization, it needs to focus on. Website optimization confirmation from keyword mining, requires the study habit of the user, we call the user search habits. If we do lottery sales system of such products station, we need to study the user search habits, users in the search for lottery sales system 贵族宝贝 this word, how will search, which will search for Related words, so these words we have to do is the key word. The study found that users in the search for lottery sales system, often the search habits is the lottery website sales system. Lottery sales software and so on, so the words are what we do for the optimization of the Shanghai dragon, keywords.

we do marketing, product is the most important. Is required to meet the needs of users of the product research and development center to do product design. Developers tend to own their created products like a child to cherish, care, think this is his brainchild. A good product is the soul, beautiful design, technology and operation can reflect the idea behind. Sometimes developers design products feel more powerful and better, but in fact do not need the so-called good product design particularly bad or what, because feel particularly bad people will deliberately engage in some reflect their own powerful, but users do not need something that is at the end of red herring.

user search habits


product development is actually a "user feedback – feedback – improvement: improvement of the process. Can develop the product developers is not a good developer, should be developed in line with the user experience, the product is a good habit for developers. The product is developed, through user feedback, continuous improvement of the process is called the trial stage of the product. We Xiaofeng lottery software from product development to market needs a long process, this.

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