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and navigation, this is very important, the new owners to remember the navigation bar column must use the word, because the text is the search engine to identify the best things, must be used directly with ALT label text navigation and use pictures in landscaping navigation, does not recommend the use of JS as navigation. Before I see the navigation bar is quite ugly, so give it to delete, then love Shanghai lost in my website.

optimization site map

finished the above work, I submit your site to the love of Shanghai. A >

The so-called Optimization of

I am using the procedures of the station. Then in order to put the site security program in the data directory to the outside, and then generate the site map, then did not care, he later told me that, when spiders crawl the web page and the Google of Shanghai love to look at this page, then the what page to area I station. Then I found from the Internet to map and good tutorial, re generated map. Also, if you think the site map with a program generated is relatively simple, you can also go online to search, and some online map websites and software, you can try, it will be more conducive to search engine area of your page, but remember, the Raiders have to modify the generated, because the connection, generated by the software will map with the best tool to remove, oh.

build your website has more than half a year, the station also is the entry-level. At present, your web site is the care is OK, but there is no way to use before my website that a too horrible to look at. As a new webmaster and I like most beginners online all day looking for "Shanghai dragon Bible" and "promotion tips", then your website to love Shanghai basically covered all over with cuts and bruises, don’t talk to me. Then one of my friends (I buy space technician) could not stand, said no, then get me a bit, immediately came up, that is to give the novice webmaster reminder, put in the station optimization well to do promotion and Shanghai dragon, borrow a friend it is called "virtual beyond repair".

site optimization

website structure optimization is based on website structure optimization guide about the love of Shanghai is the best home page list > > the content page, this is the most suitable for search engines to crawl. I was in good management is set up several folders, when I open my web page content links have reached an exaggerated position. There is not too much character column page and content page link name, which is the cause of the connection is too long, I like a program called virtual host, I named the link directly translated into xunizhujiindex, long? Then I only take into digital, and A5 connection almost short love, in line with Shanghai’s appetite.

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