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1, love Shanghai has included a URL link

to be revised, the function to be more than ever before, and the layout is more beautiful than before, but because I do optimization, so we have to consider the impact on the optimization of the revision, in the revision of the time I met some very important issues:

Select the

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website aims to let users have a better experience, so that even if the site again good, if the user is not good, also do not change, the company’s website is launched in 2004, a revision in 2007 when the traffic fell from more than 20 to more than 40 thousand so that in case. Although the page is nice, but the phone users generally reflect that the website with a convenient, so is almost fatal revision of 07 years, while the China Shanghai dragon has not yet permeated China for small and medium enterprises, so that until this year, until the author to the company after the company began to pay attention to the Shanghai dragon. Pay attention to the user experience, this revision is to consider the user experience.

2, the website user experience

The Link URL

this point is also very important, because the two level domain name for the love of Shanghai is actually a new station, and the two level directory is not, the two level directory is a column of the domain name, weight and set up two level directory of the benefits that will give the main domain name is very good, so be sure to choose two directory in a website, for two level domain name and gradually grow, such as the market, 58 of this station, you can use two domain names.

love Shanghai has included a few if, that almost do not have to consider, but if love Shanghai has included URL very much, millions, that is a great loss, even fatal. So as far as possible the revision does not change the URL, the structure of the site can be changed, but the best constant URL.

Recently the company website

?The original

these are to be considered, of course there is more to consider, for example, the nofollow attribute the cover page settings, compression JS, CSS style sheet, the key point is the layout of the page should be clean and clear. So the revision is not to love Shanghai and revision, but in the revision of the time to consider the love Shanghai, the core is the user, love is not Shanghai in order to improve the user experience for the purpose of

3, two and two level domain name directory

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