The love of Shanghai know raise several issues should pay attention to the website ranking

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two, to pay attention to the effective cohesion title and keywords. Love the Shanghai catechism, regardless of the content, the title is the greatest concern, and the set of keywords is to improve website ranking optimization indispensable step, therefore, the combination of title and keywords, can attract more people’s attention, I can fall in love with the sea search keywords ranking in the heat of the check that would be integrated into the title, played the role of shooting two birds with one stone.

three, should pay attention to in the quiz set on the details of Kung fu. In order to attract attention, can use some set love Shanghai to help us to know. For example, in the question, the answer to reward the score set to the maximum 200 points, so this question has become the highest degree of concern hot issues, will have attracted people to patronize; for instance, choose a known common sense questions, but also set higher reward points, so many people see this simple question to answer to earn points, answer your questions more and more heat, will also bring a lot of traffic.

, should pay attention to the question and answer time. At present, many owners have noticed the same IP question and answer is easy to delete the account, then registered an account, by changing the IP way to increase the number of questions, this approach seems to increase the number of links to many websites, but the actual effect is not good. We put a link in Shanghai know love, but also to find ways to make links by more and more people see, so as to improve site traffic, so the concept of time is very important. It is a question of time to separate, don’t focus on questions in a period of time, because it is easy to be sealed. The two is to choose the answer time, usually at 10 in the morning after 3 p.m. and after 8 p.m. to 12 p.m., is the most popular time, then answer the questions can let more people pay attention to.

Shanghai can be said to know love is many webmaster a powerful weapon to improve website ranking, as we all know, love in Shanghai Chinese search engine is the first fully deserve, as long as the site links in Shanghai know love in a certain amount, then the rank of the website will soon be promoted. Love in Shanghai know, only ask questions and make others unable to answer, we need directional links, so many webmaster use discussing ways to promote your website, if you do not pay attention to some skills, not only to design their own account was closed, the problem and the answer is not before, not up to improve ranking effect. I will contribute a few methods summed up in practice to everyone, hoping to help friends.

use love Shanghai know to improve website ranking about their elementary opinions, are feeling more practical in practice in Shanghai, Phoenix, I was a novice, I hope this article can offer a taste of more knowledge in communication.

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