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two, reduce the difficulty of optimization

, to ensure that people on the target keyword search

query provides search engine keyword expansion tool, or analysis of Web site traffic is very interesting, but also taste have found outside of work. My personal experience is that the keyword tool is recommended, mining related keywords, easily a few hours later, can see too much of myself completely not to search words, but in reality there are users in search. In this process, often found in common or evident words, put these words into the site, and even add, is to find new opportunities, one of the best ways to expand the content source.

to determine the appropriate keywords, the first thing to do is to confirm, users search for a certain number of levels, make the wrong choice in this area, on the website of the image will be disastrous.

website core keywords can not have been the keyword research most probably it did not actually happen, in order to ensure this keyword does have Internet users in the search, no one search words have no value. No concept of Shanghai dragon people decided to target words often think of the name of the site first, but when the site is not known, no users will search the site name, site name such as not shouting common name, often no one search.

has found two search keywords, does not necessarily mean the target set in the most popular, the most searched words. Although the search "movie", "drama", "animation", "Sports" these words many users, but for personal webmaster, want to put these words do, the difficulty is very high, can not accept the strong resources, human resources support, without thinking. Do the keyword research is to find the search number, key words and difficulty is not too large, the website optimization is possible to achieve a good effect in a certain period of time budget.

three, discover new opportunities for


many times when using the industry’s most common name, also do not have enough real search times, the most typical is " Shanghai, " the word itself, love Shanghai index shows that Shanghai Longfeng daily by more than two thousand or three thousand times the first search, with a lot of the user in the search word he really has been compared is relatively low, secondly, a lot of people are searching Shanghai dragon war record new trends in ranking the word Shanghai dragon in the research, rather than on the Shanghai dragon service interest.

everyone thinking will have limitations, R & D and sales of certain products, it is easy to be limited in their own way and at the same time, the most commonly used words. While the Internet user experience is different, the myriads of changes, they will search every kind of word we think.

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