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E. keywords ranking drop, but the whole website search traffic without big changes (search engine rank algorithm constantly adjust, all website data are also in the change, the site keywords was up and down, as long as the rate is not very normal mostly);


as long as the natural search traffic, natural ranking or search engine included changes in the volume is not large, it is not love Shanghai punishment. Not for punishment mainly in the following aspects:

A.site is not the first home page;

website is love Shanghai punish what should, for the domestic circle of friends, the operation of hard site is love Shanghai in recent years the punishment seemed It is quite common for already, so a lot of time site traffic, or ranking is included a small amplitude wave, the station will be that the site was punished. In fact, many are just too sensitive to the owners themselves, to introduce the analysis method of website is love Shanghai punishment, let you in the face of punishment is not lack of method.

D. title, description, batch change website, keyword page template by web search rankings and flow of small amplitude change (and some important factors related to the ranking changes, will certainly affect the search results ranking);

G. home page snapshot backwards (refer to the Shanghai official love love Shanghai snapshot, or according to the query condition shows different versions of a snapshot, or for the love of Shanghai draft);


B.domain is not the first home page;

we will love Shanghai punish site was divided into 4 ways: 1. not for punishment; 2. is indeed the 3. penalty punishment; reason and solution; 4. after punishment mentality, for each of the following.

not to punish

I. without any abnormal operation, to a certain extent the change of search traffic (small changes are a normal phenomenon, not flow down a little rise is punishment, one is right, Shanghai dragon ER does not need to give yourself over gold, do not blindly blame);

Analysis of the

C.site the number of results and the index volume greatly increase or decrease (as long as bring traffic effectively included page number unchanged, other changes do not have to worry too much, may be the search engine algorithm changes or convulsions, pay attention to other website);

F. home page snapshot stagnant or slow update (the general and punishment has no direct relationship, check the page updates and quality is normal or too weak);

H. the old content rankings included normal, new content can not only included (crawl log analysis is normal, check the website structure well whether the program bug spider, check whether the normal boiling extraction content);

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