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website will be revised comprehensive search engine punishment

search engine how to deal with after the revision of the new

Xiao Jun has been that Shanghai dragon is not enough light on theory, after all, the paper come Zhongjue shallow, then the book online and the theory is the experience of others, but also many Shanghai Longfeng predecessors have repeatedly stressed that the point, focus on the practice of Shanghai dragon. And because Xiao Jun know about Shanghai Longfeng theoretical knowledge is not much, so in order to compensate for this deficiency, often take the hands of the site to the hand, this not, recently took a site to conduct a comprehensive revision, the theme has completely changed, is old domain name do it new. But look at the Baidu Shanghai Longfeng guide webmaster should know, if a subject completely replaced, website, love Shanghai in theory may be regarded as a new site, the old links will fail. Xiao Jun has been a doubt in view of this problem, since the love of Shanghai is the official said in theory may be regarded as a new and old hyperlink will fail (indicating the love Shanghai Shanghai dragon guide is the theory, and there is no definite answer), so in fact is really so, if indeed, so in the end how long it will take to implement


according to the search engine to the railway station, railway station will be included in the general after short-term faster have fairly good rankings, Xiao Jun this website basically conforms to this, after the update after the revision of the new home page in Baidu snapshot, began to appear in the keywords ranking, although ranking in the hundreds outside (currently the main keywords ranking to around one hundred, individual keywords ranking has entered the first ten pages), but at least the reaction speed of the search engine is very rapid. Google in second days after the revision of the updated description, but the title after almost a week to update to the new title. Through the practice of this revision, love Shanghai and Google reaction speed is very fast, but the love of Shanghai in the shortest period of time will update the contents of the latest snapshot of the home page, and Google has had a week to update here, perhaps this is Google to give a revised website update cycle, is also waiting for the website stop after the update to the new steady state was collected before and after the revision of the days of love Shanghai gradually deleted the old station page, but Google has been more than half.

I is the first new website, for other content sites, which had a substantial revision rumor website is very easy to cause the site is down right or even by K, I will be the site of the original program are simply removed and replaced with a new program, but the content changed completely, basically is a new station, I have no find a better generalization of this approach, I call that domain name redo station. But after I was such a toss, not unexpected, and new home page in the snapshot is updated, comprehensive and not to be revised down right in the former site of Shanghai Longfeng points roughly indicates that my operation method, there is no longer.

The new effect of


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