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third, learn to communicate, to enter the station of Shanghai longfeng. The >

since the "Shanghai dragon difficult", where is the 2014 Shanghai Longfeng prospect? Xiaofeng net loan (贵族宝贝queyouwang贵族宝贝/) that the 2014 Shanghai Longfeng prospects are mainly in the following aspects:

entered in 2014, Shanghai dragon industry competition has become fierce. In fact, we value the natural ranking is probably the home page, and any one of the words the home position is limited, so you want to come out "Shanghai dragon" effect, must seize the home position, but with the continuous development of Shanghai dragon industry and mature, small and medium-sized enterprises concerned, home page ranking became too, so many people began to shouting "no effect" Shanghai dragon "Shanghai dragon well done" and "Shanghai dragon cannot do"…… In fact, these are reflected in the fierce competition.

any time any industry has competition, former Shanghai dragon industry also has competition, but because of concern Shanghai dragon industry enterprises less, and people are not concerned about the user experience and develop for a long time, so many good stations may be in a wave to pull the wool, then left to the railway station in Shanghai Dragon space. But as people deepen their understanding of Shanghai dragon cognition, many enterprises to enter the field of Shanghai Longfeng, some sites also began to develop into a formal and normalization in the search engine under the guidance, so the site’s ranking began to steady development, when some other companies want to enter the station again when Shanghai dragon faces even more. In front of the competitors and more stable website ranking, thus leading to some new industries to make effect. In fact, another thought, this is a signal, after the Shanghai dragon is bound to experience is king of the times, who is the first to do to the user experience as the center of the Shanghai dragon, who occupy the commanding heights of Shanghai dragon.

of course, these does not matter, you can find people cooperation, after all these are not regular work.


first, the depth of mining user needs. We say that Shanghai Longfeng difficult, generally refers to the core keywords competition dynamics, so don’t try to do it. But in addition to the core words and keywords, there are a lot of long tail word can operate, there are many forms and contents of the current demand for information is not satisfied, these are the Shanghai dragon chance.

second, improve their own ability. For many small business station, on Shanghai Longfeng demand is not only a ranking, there will be a comprehensive trend, for example, will need some word-of-mouth promotion, B2B promotion, basic construction, modify the code simple website (in fact, it is difficult to say, a template can be directly set. ), because small businesses can not stand division very detail, need different people to do different things, so some simple basic skills, such as what PS will modify some pictures, may have effect.

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