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first, we must have a website, there are three requirements for the site: 1. benefit and optimization of the domain name, space and code 2. to optimize the page layout to optimize the 3. theme, keyword description. I don’t think this explanation we understand it.

I know the in Shanghai dragon?The core target of

algorithm is the core of Shanghai love website operation, also is the conversion rate. Love Shanghai search engine optimization guide is described: the conversion rate of

as long as according to what I said, "in


we love Shanghai when updated, will be feeling a: Hey, I lost my place? Or, I collected why fewer people worry?. You have this feeling? Huh? In fact, we have a small woman and quite agree, so I put my accumulated years of experience in the analysis, a kind of special purchases for the Spring Festival share so for everyone.

finally, is to enhance the visibility of the page, click on the promotion. This involves a click of weights, this is I for everyone to prepare special purchases for the Spring Festival. Click on the weight is the same in the first two pages of the website, click rate is high, the keywords into the top three of the more favorable. Of course, don’t cheat, or your website will die very miserably. Because of the love of Shanghai is not a fool, one foot in mind, he has the anti cheating algorithms. For example, the bounce rate etc.. The following figure:

see here you will say so we have to first site keywords ranking? Yes, it really is on the surface. Then we say Shanghai is in accordance with the rules for what to each website ranking.

then, trying to beat the other competitors, make the top two page keywords. This is not so difficult to imagine everyone, as long as it is not very popular word. We all know how.


second, Shanghai dragon optimization personnel to make the optimization scheme, for example: how to update the site pages, the web site of the external propaganda (also called extrapolation or chain), data analysis etc.. Production optimization is very important, because this is related to the direction of the site and survival time. Extrapolation, must be positive, lasting, can you. Good momentum cheating may be the only flower briefly as the broad-leaved epiphyllum.

not much nonsense, get to the point. We love Shanghai algorithm mechanism is always tried to know the secret. In fact, we call Baidu really not so mysterious, see where this? For example, love Shanghai continuously launched let the webmaster know their stuff (just everyone’s disdain to know it): love Shanghai search engine optimization guide this guide, but it really is the webmaster beacon. Do a survey here, you who put this guide from A to Z every word read, and study thoroughly, apply to the actual operation of

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