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as everyone knows, website optimization is a very strong work details, with the search engine algorithm upgrade the user experience requirements are also rising, the current site optimization we need to pass those details to analyze and breakthrough, is the webmaster puzzling over sensitive to the problem, the optimization of the user experience is king is the main theme, as we optimize all the details should focus on the user experience, what we want to do the user experience through those details to grasp it? Well, let’s gossip short continued access to today’s topic, the current search engine optimization Shanghai dragon Er will pay attention to the details of the main points.

third, the frequency of updates and users care about most value. The frequency of updates and user demand changes are closely linked, changing the new needs of users demand time has been produced, in order to cater to the needs of users, the first time to solve user problems, a reasonable grasp of the website update frequency is very necessary. This reflects the value of the main point for the product technical articles, the current search engine optimization has good value to judge the content for the site, as a webmaster always.

first, first, the website structure should accord with the search engines. The structure of the website is included details of key points, a lot of time at the beginning of the online website we have detailed layout good website architecture, mainly in the site code is clear and concise, correct application of the weight of the label, some practical plug-in reasonable layout as some share labels, interactive features are the key problems to the operation the structure design of the moment, which is conducive to the user experience and user interaction strategies should be clearly reflected in the website design and architecture layout, from the user experience, website art design is a very powerful weapon early after the subsequent development of a successful web site, so in the process of structural design, must not ignore the website the art construction details. It links layout, site architecture should not only solve the problem of link level, but also to solve the key station page, column link assignment problem. So, what is the induction of code optimization, weight label use, interactive function design, graphic design and web link weights in website architecture layout process, these details are critical to the user experience.

second, website construction is the priority among priorities. The author in 2010 to enter the website optimization in this industry, experienced many times of love Shanghai algorithm change upgrade, but a core is always the base is the construction of website optimization, the original, whether to meet the needs of users to search with the user reading taste, these are the core issues for the content of the construction process, whether you what is your promotional products, promote the company brand image, we must identify the location for the needs of different users, for users of the product, the user must understand the news users of different groups to provide the necessary, in the process of website data analysis in targeted in the layout in the appropriate site keywords is the optimization of the content of the key details.

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