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can be seen, in addition to A5 and 10 of the content of the web site included the same page. From the screenshot you can see, from the earliest is the owners of the home page, it looks like A5 is probably not the first contributor address. Let’s take a look at the possibility of the chain of the page in the end how the quality of

we send the chain, we all know to find high weight, high PR value, high popularity of the website posted the article, for example, A5 Internet webmaster. A5 submission of content as long as the original is not very smooth, having substance in speech, no effect, generally will be approved. Journal of successful people know that the content of A5 is not allowed to hang the hyperlink anchor text, the only place value is the "source", to make a super chain, the chain is very high quality, this is no doubt (after press the webmaster can make good use of Oh).

A5 webmaster network is the content of the article by many other web sites that collect objects, the number of sites in the collection, it provides how much extra chain may contribute, so many webmaster will in the end add your website address, in order to "hang on the acquisition station management" of the link, increase the chain number. Then, we look at the possible number of the chain in the end there? In order to combat the optimization analysis of submission article "April 28th: professional tourism tourism portal station PK station" as an example, submission time is 04:41 (the webmaster is late…… Hard), this article is wrong, now look at the number of stations collected in this article:

point to open one of the search results, we found that, in addition to a home owners in the "source" links with the contributors website (the site is certainly not the acquisition station), other web pages and there is no effective link related, and some have even been tampered with others link, look no acquisition station the number of the chain provides additional. Some people say that this article is too new, certainly the future acquisition station will be careful not to hang my link. You may wish to follow the above instructions > a search

In addition After

in Shanghai using instruction search: intitle: practical optimization analysis: professional tourism tourism portal station PK station". (the title of the article must use double quotes)



Er finished a lot of Shanghai Longfeng internal website optimization, spend more time in the hair of the chain, some use pseudo original tools group, some hand written articles for publication, no matter in what way, to the quality and quantity of the steady growth of their site outside the chain. But every web site can increase how much outside the chain, which is the chain search engine for effective, which the chain can help your site to add a bit of weight, not every webmaster know, just the number every day looking at the growth of the chain, and was somewhat practical. The method here Happigo webmaster quality chain resources to share a bit of the judgment we were learning, hoping to let everyone have a heart of points outside the chain.

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