90 Entrepreneurs even if the business ruined future have to go in my way

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lead: when all the people are touting a person, need someone to turn to if it is not correct, because this may be the cultural revolution; when all the people were in bad mouthing a thing, need someone to speak up is not the same point of view.



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about half a month ago, almost overnight, chiefs and the major media have shouted the advent of winter and the bubble burst. Almost overnight, in an article called "the entrepreneurial ruined many people expectations" article occupied the headlines and push entrepreneurship dogs circle of friends is the major technology media.

public opinion often there are two extremes, one is to put a label on the label group, and the ups and downs of honor to represent a group of image, such as entrepreneurs such as Yu Jiawen and Ma Yun, and 90; another is a phenomenon due to a certain reason, such as the gem bubble because the student entrepreneurship party and 90 impetuous. The essence is Overgeneralization a pole down a pile of people.

reason tells us that when all the people are praising when a flatter, need to be turned back to what is not correct, because this may be the cultural revolution; rational also tells us that when all the people are in bad mouthing attack a thing, need someone to look up to say no the same perspective, as simple as that.

what is entrepreneurship for


as you want to see, I am also an entrepreneur, and my body also covered with the label: "90", "school", "business", but each label and as you wish is that blood overflowing, go in the plot, but is for a long time think about it, the true to life story.

every departure for a variety of reasons, but most still do want to do. "". For me personally, travel, school, business, is actually a kind of exploration of the nature of life. Entrepreneurship allows me to achieve the maximum autonomy, what things can be more exciting than the creation of it? What can be better than the distance?

since entrepreneurship is created, it should not be empirical, the real entrepreneur must be the most sensitive, the most capable of learning. I have rejected, but is enjoying the vested interest in entrepreneurship policy, doing business entrepreneurs with a variety of subsidies, and then give the entrepreneur is not reliable, or stand in the experience from the perspective of the existing resources to influence the life and future of entrepreneurs.

in the end of the current venture in the end where


it is true that the tide will bring about impetuous, some phenomena are problematic. For young entrepreneurs, the media to read too many fairy tales, gimmicks are often regarded as the truth, the number of financing is often regarded as a value.

so, an idea+ that sounds like a cow

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