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five mobile website and PC website

details page optimization

and PC terminal sites, mobile phone website keywords, description indispensable. For the mobile phone website homepage or channel home page code in keywords, description and PC plus the best end of different meta tags and keywords, and do the work to fill in the.

using a mobile device users pay more attention to the content, like news, events, events and popular information, are the focus of attention of the mobile users. This means that the mobile station companies need to stand in the position of the user thinking on how to attract eyeballs under the time, website content need to contact the current hot real time update, there needs to be associated with the user’s emotion value, it is likely to continue to get the user’s attention.

mobile phone website optimization points

three, reduce flash and pop acts

, a website as concise as possible



today’s popular mobile Internet, mobile phone website becomes more and more big, but a lot of mobile phone website have not done Shanghai Longfeng optimization. The reason is that a large part of the reason is that many people in the face of the mobile terminal optimization at a loss. What is the mobile phone website Shanghai dragon optimization point? Also need to pay attention to what matters? Here, we have to share some tips for mobile phone website optimization.

and PC terminal sites, mobile website is also very care about the dead links and link everywhere so as to do a good job in 404, 403, if the content of chain hope redirected to the home page, the best jump by 302.

on the mobile Internet, traffic is one of the most concerned about things. If a web site, there are a lot of flash and pop, mobile users will feel the pressure on the flow and browsing time. In addition, in technical terms, Apple products do not support the Flash function, a large part of the intelligent mobile phone users can not use this function, similarly, many intelligent mobile phone does not support Java, so this is only the two do not please practice.

compared to the PC side of the site, mobile phone web page download speed is much slower, so try to put the page number and page size to a minimum. In addition, because the mobile phone users, browsing time is fragmentary, can not click on many pages of patience. Therefore, as far as possible to streamline the mobile website design. This reduction was not only reflected in the website design, you also need to use the process in the website (registration, login, purchase etc.), if a process requires seven or eight steps, I believe that many users will choose to give up.

two, the construction of website

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