The blacksmith needs its own hardware SERO with self love Pimpernel radish 2

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: the first element of the program’s Web site:

second elements: Web Design Spirit:

love Shanghai recently updated green radish algorithm 2, to combat the soft link unprecedented increase, this news caused two different reactions in Shanghai Longfeng industry. A lot of marketing and the chain experts fear to love Shanghai green radish on the algorithm, the punishment jittery; on the other hand, focus on the content and branding of Shanghai dragon R was jubilant, seemingly love Shanghai gave them a fair competition opportunity to see the spring. In the exclamation "Shanghai dragon really he X not a man to do" at the same time, the author analyzed the way of thinking, in fact, green radish also does not like the rumors in the "wolf" as the terror, the so-called blacksmith needs its own hardware, Shanghai dragon R to maintaining the status quo, need to exercise site a god class skill, can calmly face a variety of tricks search engines, whether it is throwing over the pomegranate or green radish. Before being in love with green radish of death, suggest that the majority of Shanghai dragon R to effectively check his own website, the website to see if it has the following elements.

based web site program is the follow-up work, no matter what the site, from function to structure, the site code is the root of all stable. The code here, not only the dynamic website support code (such as PHP, c#, Ruby), also referred to the source code structure page (colloquially known as div and CSS.). In Shanghai Longfeng counterparts, have a certain understanding is necessary to code, especially the front page of the HTML source code for the Title label, H1 label, importance, believe each Shanghai dragon R has its own set of understanding. The website can reliably access is the premise of all.

site procedures like water room, "is designed to increase the site of the house of spirituality, so that every visitor can get good access experience, and inspire their two visit to the subconscious. In the fierce competition today, similar content providers very much, especially in the face of the Shanghai dragon R customers are the basic industry competition more powerful enterprises. Sometimes, the outcome is often on "face". Have already proved the conclusion of professional spiritual page design can obtain the visitor’s trust.


since the original content is mentioned, website editing work has never been so get attention, every time, no matter how search engines always messy, loved and professional content with the original. When it comes to professional website content, after all, is to sell what call what content do not resolutely inconsistent with the site location on the site. Some Shanghai dragon R do the work, often prefer large, no data will take tens of thousands feel shy. Admittedly, a wide range of capacity to increase to be included and more traffic probability >

third elements: website content specifically:

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