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like domain name, URL address short always make people easy to remember. From the user perspective, the address bar length is limited, URL address is too long let people look not preview, will create a sense of trust. Because most of the website address URL are relatively short, sudden long URL will bring unexpected special feelings. Even if the search engine does not want URL address is too long, partly because the user does not love, more based on user experience, concise URL will naturally be welcomed; second, although the URL address is very small, but need to know is that the search engine included every day to deal with URL address information of the mass. If each URL address is very long, it requires a longer computation time, and reduce the efficiency of search engines. Love the day before Shanghai launched a new website, the search engine friendly degree inspection tool, clearly pointed out that the URL address short more conducive to search engine optimization, the length should not exceed 255 bytes.

control URL level, the purpose is to reduce the difficulty of search spider crawling, because each URL deeply, it means that the search engine spiders to spend more time to search. But in the actual operation of the construction site, the appropriate classification of the program file is required, it will make the website structure more clear. And the appropriate classification, a search engine optimization, because in the path can be inserted into the appropriate keyword pinyin or English word combinations. Like this to say, we must control the path level, both love Shanghai or Google, the answer is the path URL three layers, can better both the user experience and search engine crawling. There is no doubt that the path to the web site structure is flat, the search engine has good experience, but shall not exceed a maximum of three layers.

URL, the length of the shorter the better, not more than 255 bytes of the

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three, URL should contain the keywords, not malicious stack


website construction and optimization, the webmaster has been constantly stressed that "content is king, link the emperor", URL address optimization has ignored by many people. But the good form of URL can effectively enhance website optimization effect, has no doubt. In general, the URL address should be careful planning system in the construction site at the beginning, because he relates to the search engines. To continuously enrich the contents and links, continue to strengthen the building of URL, basically a fixed after it is very difficult to change. If the page content included after the continuous adjustment and optimization of the URL, will inevitably lead to the content of search engines has been the emergence of a large number of dead links, search engines can therefore lead to loss or even drop right and punishment. Since the URL optimization is so important, what kind of URL is not only for search engine, but also has a good user experience? We try to analyze from the following four aspects.

two, URL path is Jane better, three layer control within

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