The six page analysis phenomenon love Shanghai what is the reason

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this number is estimated, the site administrator for more accurate included quantity, please use the love Shanghai statistics.

: the old station still out of the question, but before the very good ranking site, now ranking, and included.

: love Shanghai garbage cleaning station, while your site unfortunately won the bid. Is located in the dumpster, all are miserable six pages.

NO1: collecting a large number of articles

: Statistical Product love Shanghai, not only is this, even if it is normal site also shows the paragraph, it is not the reason.

garbage into station

: site just built for two months, the content is original, the observation period failed to become garbage station, this is nonsense.

NO2: your site was designated as

: the article has a large collection of content, collecting a large number of other sites, the content is not readable, resulting in a six page phenomenon.


love Shanghai advice is this:

NO4: the old station does not appear this problem

The six page

phenomenon of love Shanghai, your website is seen? "Page six phenomenon, namely, when the number of your site site included, included only six pages, and will love Shanghai gives the following tips:

NO3: love Shanghai to promote statistical products

"failure, please visit the complaint center snapshot problem. Other questions please visit Shanghai Webmaster Platform love.

1, find related results of 61.

2, tip: in order to provide the most relevant results, we have omitted some entries similar content, click here to see all search results.

when you update a lot of content, ask what are included in 6 pages of content? Really fantastic, this is how it is, when you first find the problem, you might think that the love of Shanghai has convulsions, imagine, if so, why love Shanghai convulsions, others your website is very normal, and your website showed just 6 page

is in Shanghai to promote the new product: love it, love Shanghai statistics, using this method, it is not "the number is estimated, the site administrator for more accurate included quantity, please use the love Shanghai statistics." This sentence tips.

according to this phenomenon, this phenomenon is a guess is what causes?

: most are the only new problems, because too much of your new unstable factors, there are also six pages of this tangle of the phenomenon.

: the original site is relatively high, but the content is not much repetition.

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