What are the reasons directly to the site traffic sources are briefly analyzed

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is more than three kinds of methods of traffic sources, to understand the source of this basic flow, for the analysis of the website is helpful to avoid, we have analyzed the traffic sources, this or that error.

brand advertising, we can bring the effect of brand advertising for the traffic sources in addition to the website Web site name and URL, nor what other information, direct access to the most common is the user directly enter the URL or from the user’s favorites click into this part of the traffic source website, for users to directly enter the URL and there are certain requirements for web site in general, easy to remember, such as the Jingdong spent thirty million to buy the domain name JD, now more and more users choose to directly enter the URL of the website of Jingdong Jingdong into the purchase of goods, direct traffic sources such as reduce the large cost of the network promotion to the Jingdong. Of course, if the site is relatively long, it is difficult for users to remember and short time, when each landing site needs through the search engine auxiliary search, this is not to be considered direct traffic sources.

internal access can bring a lot of traffic, of course, the flow rate for a company, is a meaningless flow, and most of the company will be shielded the traffic, but if there is no good shielding measures, the traffic is quite amazing, especially for some of the larger companies, employees every day, several times on access to the site. Of course, if the company’s employees are less, this access can be ignored.

hot events is an important way of direct traffic sources, at present a lot of slightly larger companies will set up their own media department or the promotion department, the promotion department with network promotion still has certain difference, the biggest difference is that here is not limited to the promotion of network promotion, is also an important the way for the cooperation with other News Corp, when a company has a certain marketing hot or a marketing plan, the hot spots are often able to bring direct traffic to the site bursts increased, most notably one yuan attractions tickets launched the same way network, it is said that during that time, visitors travel the same way every day the increase of more than one hundred thousand of the traffic, the visible effect is very obvious. In addition, a large number of WeChat. One of these hot spots for forwarding is a direct source of traffic QQ and other social networking tools.

three: internal access

two: hot events

brand advertisingThere are a lot of


site traffic is a barometer of the website operation, analysis of the causes of web traffic change plays an important role in the management of our website, we can according to the source of traffic to the site on the site for a detailed analysis of the work flow, and site traffic sources but also reflected a website operation situation is good or bad, according to the characteristics of users log in directly analysis of several factors flow, hope to have certain reference significance for everyone to.

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