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we should first put questions on top of their own website, we must learn to analyze their website is wrong, so there are methods and ways to solve the site every day of the original and updated this is essential, we should combine the original website whole content for the creation of love is very love Shanghai website there are original content, we can see some do a good website and ranking good site, their original content every day is very much, and many of them are very good, so we should also learn from each other, this problem is to update the site every day must be done, one can adhere to a daily updates to the site the site’s ranking and flow will not go bad, because as long as you update the contents so reasonable Visitors will have their own back, so the site is also very helpful to update the search engine.

want to stick to their hands, after many novice webmaster ranking dropped on the website main keywords frequently change the site and some long tail keywords this operation is very bad, the core keyword love Shanghai taboo is to modify the site, it will cause you to drop in the rankings after the website is search engine penalties to direct K station, because the station before you have your key to set, but you see you into the set keyword and no traffic ranking is not very ideal when you will go to modify these key words, frequent change of key words as if you opened a shop, the guest has come today you call certain shops, "

in the webmaster circle on the lips of such a word "the chain for the emperor, content is king", from this sentence we can see how important the chain is important since we certainly can not let go to the website, the webmaster can find something and you do the same industry website a website, they in Shanghai the top three then the number of the chain is very much so far there is no a good ranking site chain is very small, so for our website ranking we have to do some appropriate external links, the chain approach is not complicated, but need to the long-term accumulation to form a huge chain, we can go to the A5 station network, Chinaz, the laggards write their own original articles, and similar sites to exchange some Links, so every day to Do these things it won’t be long before you turn up the chain.

recently love Shanghai for a lot of big and small update, many webmaster have the website ranking drop, web site is K included reducing, and other conditions, it seems that this love Shanghai update many websites are hit, so today and everyone together to talk about the website ranking drop the webmaster how to solve in the face of love, Shanghai weekly update the webmaster is pregnant with sorrow, since most of our webmaster of his love to Shanghai Ceng flow then we will understand some love Shanghai search engine optimization, we want to learn how to deal with the taste of the search engine to do site.

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