The importance of classification of Web site keywords in the Shanghai Dragon

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classification to search1,

site selection of good and bad with you later on site optimization is very important, do not look at this is a very basic work is based are doing well how do website ranking? As you in a new way do not sign, you ask people how to walk to the

three, according to the classification of

2, business class: such as "second-hand NOKIA mobile phone" such words. This type of words is for marketing website, if you are good, pictures and details, then your conversion rate is relatively high, this kind of words at the right choice, the layout must have corresponding content collocation and filling, on the contrary, if the support will be very difficult to rank without content, and there may be search engine punishment.


navigation: similar to the QQ space log such words can be referred to as navigation, but do not suggest webmaster keywords take others to give their website to introduce traffic, because the customer came in after the discovery is not the content they want, then quickly jump out, if so much more out of customers that leads to traffic loss, your website ranking may disappear.


2, 28 theories: core keywords is 80% to 20% of the manager. This seems to be above that there is something wrong with it. In fact, if this part of key words if optimization is successful, then the long tail keywords is auxiliary, the combination of the two flow will be better. Key words can show users positioning your site in the industry.


classification keywords length Keywords

1, the long tail: the long tail keywords search volume is relatively small, but if the search volume adds up to a lot of long tail keywords to match the amount of core keywords. The webmaster can be considered to be the focus of work on the long tail keywords above, this web site traffic will be very good. And the value is very high.

, 1 popular keywords: this would not have said, such as "Sora Aoi", if you want to pass this popular keywords to gain long-term good traffic is ok. But it will consume a lot of energy and resources.

information: for example, "housing decoration calculator" such words. Although it can not bring too much traffic to the site, if the use of more people, will also get a lot of users to the site.

many owners in the choice of a web site keywords are to select multiple channels to locate the key words, this is a very good method, some web products can be extended to thousands of words, how to correct the keyword classification is very important, but also for later analysis according to the data and optimization.

two, according to the

on the basis of the existing data and experience, can keyword classification on the website of the following several explanations:

keyword search.

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