The reason of love Shanghai keyword ranking decline

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server space

as the saying goes Links ten is the double-edged sword, good Links can help enhance the rankings quickly, the link is not good site friendship can let down the right site, even by the hair fell in love with altitude. So, in Links I just use some of their own resources at hand, to do their own websites several one-way links.

two, Links

in website optimization ultimately comes down to the "content is king, the chain for the emperor" principle, and the external links must remain stable, do not lose small ah! I hope you learn the lessons of the webmaster, the better your site optimization. Thanks to the A5 platform support, please indicate: 贵族宝贝grilrt贵族宝贝.

update in the website, because my website basically is a purely static single page website internal link structure is not very good, the search engine is generally very difficult to collect their site information, so I have a long time not to update the site information, the key fell from the point of view, this is a very wrong approach.

keyword in the website ranked love Shanghai home for a long time, during this period of time has been ranked keywords love Shanghai home, my hair every day the chain number basically is ten to twenty (I have other sites need to be updated, but also to find new hair of the chain website), then relax the chain. In addition, some time ago the Qingming holiday three days, weekend and holiday for two days, and I only work in time to send the chain, which leads to instability of the chain number suddenly more and less.

, a website content update

website optimization is a need time to work, need to continue to hone to see the rainbow, but in the rainbow, how to make the show longer rainbow. Facing the constantly adjustment of the current love Shanghai, any website optimization personnel are not guaranteed to do their own key annual ranking in a position to love Shanghai home, Shanghai dragon Er keyword decline after the need to adjust the mentality to continue to adhere to, find out the reason of the decline of keywords. Then I would say the reason your website recently keyword ranking decline.


I rented server on the California room, the configuration of the server and bandwidth are also good, and the security of the server is also doing very place, including ARP firewall, antivirus software can be used in the online update. In addition, I checked the server log file, Shanghai April 9th to love spider crawling over the other, there is no exception.

four, website external links

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