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many people will go to praise the sea, because it is a spectacular vast; many people will praise the rivers, but because it is the Pentium bold; when you are struck by a powerful brand enterprise, you have not thought about this is because business enterprises have veteran soldiers and able captains – employees, so unbelievable achievements?

is like the European industry as the industry chain quanmei, Chinese mechanism is the most professional, if it is the vastness of the sea, then every Ouquan drops of talent can not be underestimated. As the saying goes, "there is no accumulation of streams into rivers," and not "water" is also difficult to become "European spring". The European industry employees quanmei has their own labor and creation, and they are not the same execution standard, do not believe you to see.

obey orders

every spring water drops are loyal employees, not only strong, they still stick to their posts in the most enduring fighters. For any indication of the superior, no reason to complete. Every drop will be standing on the point of view of European industry quanmei to think, have any questions and suggestions the first time and reflect the leadership, always stand in the interests of the company on the issue.


On the staff of the European

industry quanmei first standard, does not depend on the high degree of high level, but due diligence performance, second standard is the technical level of professional.

every spring water drops, not to work as a reward, but to work as their own life in the use of things. They are willing to extend the working hours, to make the company more than the payment of services and efforts, do not ignore every detail of the work, in order to work at the expense of personal rest time and benefits has become a habit.


Ouquan water drops have to behave accordingly, spontaneous complete every thing, don’t need to wait for the superior or at the same time arrangements and to do everything we can to remind, spontaneous.

there is no concept of "I want to do" in the consciousness of the water droplets, but "I want to do" to control their every action. When working, they volunteered to take the initiative to take some tough tasks, this is not to show off or what other reasons, their only purpose is to do good work, to achieve higher goals.

dare to be responsible for

for any business, the responsibility of the staff is the ability, even if the capacity is not the strongest, as long as they are willing to take responsibility for employees, will get a higher level of trust.

Ouquan drops are willing to staff responsible for the training, the person in charge of the experience later, they made their eyes every small thing. "The word is reflected, resolute" is their work style, do not make excuses for any mistakes, careful and responsible to avoid negligence of work there.

results demonstrate the ability of

win first, excuse back. Only >

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