Decrypt the black hat Shanghai dragon pool screen search engine spiders

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3: open web site is normal ", does not contain these words

three: the generation of these dynamic search results page volume added to the stations you built good spider pool to attract the search engines fast included.

1: site title is a false love Shanghai know class keyword, let visitors for gospel truth

2: is also the title of direct contact with the core business word +


Look at the

so the core pool is nothing more than open spider IP server, and a large number of hanging garbage on the domain name, the domain name is pan before this operation, the domain name + space have, the rest is nothing more than the contents of the program, by CMS acquisition system do capture rules of large quantities of some news sites, as long as there is content is included to keep these stations.

to achieve the appeal case screenshot just need to do the following four steps


?   what?  

: first expand the core of your words, find all words related to your business better, can regional business, can also add contact.

two: find a number of large and medium-sized sites, such as the above second, the premise is that the site must be not prohibit large site dynamic pages included, using dynamic search results in Web site page with your keywords extrapolation.


1: love Shanghai news frame first and second belong to china贵族宝贝 and other large and medium sized high weight media station

what is the spider pool: simply use a lot of garbage stations were not included on the plug domain name website links, which attract spider fast included.

search engine how to achieve

because of standing group of spider pool included a large amount of dynamic search results of these large website pages will make search.


3: many domain love Shanghai home screen


to see a picture of

this is the black hat Shanghai dragon pool spider manipulation, the black hat Shanghai dragon is relative to the white hat Shanghai dragon, the search engine is simply drill loopholes, through the means of cheating quickly make website ranking on the home page and quickly. There are a lot of black hat Shanghai Longfeng methods, such as hidden keywords, hidden pages, keyword stuffing, bridge, parasites, and today we say the spider pool.  

What are the characteristics of

2: core business word + direct contact exists in the title in the description of


decryption black hat search engine spiders in Shanghai dragon pool screen

see what are the characteristics of the

This situation is called a

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