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Browser compatibility issues for this

in the past 2011, HTML5 may be one of the most concerned about a problem in the WEB industry. Often go to the forum or webmaster network we can often see information about the HTML5, including HTML5’s new features, compatibility and so on. According to the statistics of 34% sites in 2011. The Internet has started using HTML5 technology. However, in time to see the development of the HTML5, we should also see the shortcomings of HTML5 at the same time, it is for the browser compatibility issues, most global users of Microsoft’s IE browser is the worst for HTML5 compatibility. But the search engine is HTML5 what is the meaning, I believe that the current HTML5 for the optimization we do not have what harm, but also do not help much. So specific as optimization development personnel, how we think of HTML5

we went back to the beginning of the author said, HTML5 is the best compatibility of Google’s Chrome browser on the Internet, but also part of the function can not completely support, the city accounted for IE browser was the best Microsoft Corp for HTML5 compatibility did worst, many functions are not well supported. And if you will easily change your site for the HTML5 will have the opposite effect. For example, your site is based on a local search site, so your site will need the location of the API is based on the feature and the current mainstream browser one of Apple’s Safari browser does not support HTML5. If you take the liberty to change to the HTML5 site, so your site will receive great influence.

: HTML5 is not mature at present

we can find, use a lot of DIV tags to define the content and position in the old version of the HTML standard, and in >

HTML4 code

HTML5 code


two: whether HTML5 can improve the flow of the site


as legendary as


traffic is a reference index of judging the optimization results of optimization. So whether HTML5 can improve the flow of the site as legendary as the first? We look at HTML5 on the function of the upgrade, we know that increased the number of new and useful information in HTML5 tags. Site design personnel can be more reasonable to use these tags to tell the search engines what some of the content is more important related content. The code as shown below, the difference between HTML4 code and HTML5 code.


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