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is engaged in website optimization and promotion of people know, the chain in the site optimization ranking plays an important role. Do a great extent is in the chain. But the way of the chain more effective, every kind of, more obvious effects of: soft, promotion, there is Links anchor text links. Write soft need more energy, and the quality requirements are relatively high, because we write soft article is to let the other websites, if the quality is not high, not what the readability of words not reproduced. As for the Links if you know what to do, is simply to find higher weights in the same industry site exchange. Here the main emphasis is the anchor text link anchor text links, one can increase the weight of the chain to improve the percentage rankings, on the other hand can mining long tail keywords more extensive introduction of more traffic, because we all know that the role of the anchor text, so a lot of Web site management is more sensitive to this, so they direct limit of course, there are many websites can be brought outside the chain, but these allowed the chain site weight higher are more strict, if the post or reply too much easy to be titles, such as the gag! How can go unnoticed in the case to do some anchor text the following links? Our used car network Xiaobian to share their experiences, hoping to help you!

2, released the content to be long. Do anchor text link in those who can send the anchor text links, must remember to put the article content to get a long point, because we all know that a site management he has many things to do, he can’t keep you posted from A to Z browsing is mostly down to head truncation, generally look at. If your probability of the content of the short words are found higher, so in the post, try to let the content length;


3, the article try to use Arial font. We all know that there is a very obvious horizontal anchor text below, a discerning eye can see. But I do not know if you noticed, Arial font with the other is not the same as other fonts with keywords interval is bigger passage from the distant, but not with the words of song song, you will find the horizontal line with keywords interval is small, if the content of multiple words, generally less likely to be seen;

4, the text can bold bold. Add the text bold Arial is perfect, the average person is absolutely invisible. I say this (not, recommend self >

1, post on the forums to find. We now know, many websites are more and more valued users return rate, also more and more attention to the user experience, therefore, most of the websites are section classification of the page content, the section title content requirements will be more stringent, so be sure to place the article published in time, your article to have no relevance not and the section is deleted by the moderator;

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