3B war like a raging fire grassroots Shanghai Longfeng have to say

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C right down the website is a lot of regular warfare, which is not right and there are a lot of false original site

B but high weight website affected by

2 search node >

1 for promotion is too dark, no matter what keywords as long as the money will give

for the love Shanghai love Shanghai 8.25 update, the official explanation is algorithm upgrade, but the real website webmaster all know, again once the update of countless regular warfare lying in the gun, and some of the rubbish site is to survive, only in the 8.25 update, there are three points in the sea areas:

exit China search industry, Shanghai has always been in love Chinese search industry No.1, the highest market share reached 80.5, but for the majority of owners did not make love in Shanghai dedicated to develop its own products, but playing the mind, the bidding promotion mechanism allows the introduction of the internet talk money the dirty place. In 2011, Shanghai love scandal is bidding CCTV reported, visible sea really do love too much.

Since 2010 Google

at 8.29, 360 and quietly love Shanghai for the game, the user through the 360 comprehensive search access to love Shanghai know, Wikipedia, Post Bar and other services, will be forced to jump the beloved Shanghai home, then 360 were launched, users use 360 comprehensive search in the 360 browser, click to love Shanghai related services search results will be brought to the "snapshot" page. Previously obscure 3B war broke out. So we can see Zhou Hongyi in micro-blog’s "Chinese monopoly What one says is plausible., 80% of the search giant, let users have no choice, this is the harm to the users and the industry’s largest, and Robin Li questioned and against.

for these, we these ordinary grassroots webmaster also understand that, after all the love of Shanghai is an enterprise, need to profit, but the love of Shanghai is too much in terms of profits under the effort would be, after 2 years, the development of Shanghai love their product is not satisfactory, until now can be said to the export of products only to know and pictures of several products, and development today, in Shanghai still seems Xiaowen, love 4 people hate weakness.

A friends website ranking dropped the fastest is the main key words, and these words is mainly based on the


for such cases, the surrounding friends are very 360 in the majority, because the love of Shanghai over the past year’s performance (especially from June to August) is really let grass with Adsense chilling, for promotion of black, K stands for no reason, the maintenance of user experience is not love, Shanghai’s ideas and practices we are I don’t know, and I do some domain name space when friends had similar data out of, the 8.25 most recent updates are exposed all sorts of doubts love Shanghai.

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