From the three aspects of why social media can’t replace your Shanghai Dragon

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for this we can simply as an example, we can use social media to the world famous Facebook is a set of apartments, and social media pages of your company is just one of a small apartment. You can rent the apartment, but the apartment real master or Facebook. If you do not comply with the terms and conditions of the Facebook, so they have the right to put off your apartment. Imagine, when you operate your social media, have their own social networks, if one day Facebook will your company page off, then you will lose your entire online social network. Your social media marketing is actually depends heavily on the social networking platform. Your competitors may be from the design of the network you steal your target customers. At the same time because you cannot control on the social networking platform advertising, you may eventually become a social networking page for your rival advertising platform.

with the development of social media, a lot of enterprises or owners began to fall into the fence, hesitate to take social media marketing or to continue to use the Shanghai dragon. In fact, I believe that to be successful in online marketing, social media and Shanghai Phoenix are indispensable. But recently I have read a blog post, the article said companies should be all the time, effort and money into social media, forget Shanghai dragon. But I think that forget social media development of Shanghai dragon can not help you, at the same time may influence the deadly will of your entire online marketing. The author simply enumerates three why social media influence is not a substitute for your Shanghai dragon three reasons.

three: people will not use social network search

in my opinion, social networking is not a place of business. When people buy a product, is generally not to search the related information on social networks. The role of social network is really help your brand to provide a sound, let you and the target user generated.

two: social network platform has a life cycle

foreign friends remember this MySpace a social networking platform. In a period of time, the social network platform in the network after fame, became the largest social network platform. But now? It appears with the success it has now just flower briefly as the broad-leaved epiphyllum, gradually being forgotten by the people. Social media marketing is still a relatively young marketing network, social network platform such as new like bamboo shoots after a spring rain continue to appear, while the old is constantly reinventing himself slowly disappear. You should not hope you put all your egg is placed in a basket of uncertain tomorrow. Even the biggest social network Facebook current market share also has its life cycle. Your website is your own, he will always be with your business.

: you can’t really have a social media page of your

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