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today and everyone together to talk about the website over the word:

website optimization excessive I recommend:

A: for

When a lot of friends in

5, Links (mainly in the chain right down, K, or no correlation chain too much)

optimizationAccording to the Shanghai Encyclopedia of love

refers to the website of Shanghai dragon over optimization optimization too obvious, let the search engine think your station is a waste site. Think you is cheating, so you are to do stand and do stand, do the station is to search engines look, not for your visitors see.

3, the chain (mainly in the increase of the frequency of


for the website optimization excessive, many Shanghai Longfeng novice, Shanghai dragon or engaged in this line of friends do not understand, he might have thought that just outside the chain more, in fact do Shanghai Longfeng, for site excessive optimization, I only know that is not optimal or too frequent, too.

There is a

of the original problem, a lot of Shanghai dragon in the update of the article, that as long as it is.



1, too much (mainly in the three major labels)

website updated and the original problem The

to optimize their websites, often found a problem, is your site optimization is very normal, the chain is made, the article is original, and there is a high weight website Links, why is ranked RP is greatly disappointed? The problem is not your problem? Actually appeared in here, the optimization over

love Shanghai encyclopedia explains that everyone must have clear, for the website we do Shanghai Longfeng, do not look to the search engines, but to provide users with valuable things, if you love this user station, Shanghai will also love love, that is the user experience.

4, the anchor text inside and outside the chain (mainly too single anchor text)

6, original content (mainly no value in the original article)

website for excessive optimization, I think important to pay attention to the following points:

I personally feel what station for the update frequency how should understand, for the website must update the article to a large number of early filling content, this is inevitable, but should not be the 2 consecutive month update a large number of articles, here just discuss the small station (large web sites do not have to say) article the flood can also cause negative effect, after all the small owners you cannot guarantee that every updated article are all valuable original, and for low weight website, to search engine optimization is a very fatal error.

2, the excessive use of special tags (mainly bold, H tags)

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