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, a collection of large amount of increase, but the actual amount included decreased


ranking front page is yesterday or the day of the page, and then gradually disappear. The above ranking home all day or the article published yesterday, but before the 2011 party self evaluation is also ranked the home page, and then gradually decreased. This leads us to think, is not a repeat of the page included caused the loss of weight.

when I show up in the time domain site:+ fell in love with the sea has only recently 3-4 days turn to page, no matter what page is true. If a page in the search engine there soon, then talk about what to talk about the long tail ranking.

four, repeat page ranking

three, ranking at first, then gradually decreased

above we can see that included a substantial increase, and then decreased significantly. According to this observation, the actual amount is included in the 76 page, not what the extra content. But a large number of duplicate pages indexed, included the influence of other pages. We all know that the ability of spiders to crawl the page is limited, we repeat the page is included, the probability of the other pages are included decreases. The search engine if you just delete the duplicate page just warned that if it was K, too late for regrets.

when the static URL and dynamic URL are included, some search engines often ignorant. Don’t know what is the real home, and love the attitude of Shanghai is often to a dynamic URL earlier than the static ranking, URL ranking. The author has studied the dynamic URL ban grab, follow-up status will wait a few days to know. The E-government affairs 贵族宝贝cunwu.cuncun8贵族宝贝/ original, reproduced please keep the source

because you want to make the search engine more easily included, we often set URL for static or pseudo static. But because of various reasons and can not disable dynamic URL, so that the same page is search engine included static and dynamic URL. We all know that the same page repeat was collected is not conducive to the site itself, so let’s take a look at these factors what.

two, included page only shows the recent days 3-4 page

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