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how to analyze a site is down right? From a simple snapshot of the site or included in the site is not easily judge, because most of the time the snapshot update with Adsense website maintenance, love of Shanghai is very sensitive, sometimes slightly do not update the article, he is not more a new snapshot, judging whether a website is down right, should be from the overall to analysis web site right down the most obvious phenomenon is the result of keywords ranking dropped substantially, if not normal snapshot update, sites included reducing, the chain decreased, but the keyword ranking does not fluctuate too much, these cannot explain that the site is down right, right down the website not often own doamin the domain name does not appear in the first position, and enter a name for your site are not ranked first.

search engine algorithm change unpredictably has the feeling, believe that the webmaster friends from outside the chain, reduce the fluctuation of the number to the website, and then to the snapshot update, even one day there will be several keywords ranking, from these changes can reflect the search engine algorithm in the update, the search engine algorithm change is not just some changes all aspects of the site index, but many owners of the site is k or drop right, many sites are plucked even directly connected home together is deleted.

site is down rightIn 4,

server Reason: the server is not secure, often not open or slow access speed

7, the content of quality: a large number of acquisition is perhaps the search engine can not tolerate

analysis of 2, from the chain: if there is a lot of garbage outside the chain, or the chain is deleted

site has recently revised and causing the site to drop right? Or even modify the website title


3, Links: Links amount removed, or others involved in

down the right site is not terrible, terrible is right down can not find reason to drop right after if find which details a problem and cause, then we from the corrected search engine sometimes many soon have site recovery, many webmaster is tangled because right down can not find the reason the website, down the right to feel pain, when they can not find the real reason that your operating methods are very formal, if a website drop right after I thought we could go to analyze it from the following points:

5, whether the site was linked to horse: check their website source file

1, from the spider web log analysis


analysis of a website right down typing can be analyzed from the following seven aspects, from this point of view, the construction of the chain should have a good record, because if you don’t have to record their release of the chain website, can not realize his hair of the chain is a chain fell sharply, delete in addition to the search engine k out a lot of junk the chain is being deleted. All the site right down to stand on its own to clear their own ourselves, others simply offer.

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